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LiEP Energy Ltd. (pronounced "leap") is a privately-held lithium extraction technology company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


What We Do

Develop direct lithium extraction technology to improve lithium recovery from existing brine resources and unlock new brine resources.  We like to think of it as "ELR" - Enhanced Lithium Recovery, much like "EOR" in the oil and gas sector.


We will use our technology to increase supplies of lithium to meet  global demand for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.



Solving big problems requires our internal strengths as well as strategic partners and advisors



Conducting  focused research to develop robust technology


Produce low environmental footprint technology that requires minimal fresh water and non-toxic materials.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity helps us navigate the changing energy landscape


There is a gap between current lithium supply potential and future lithium demand needed for electric vehicles and mobile energy storage.  LiEP Energy was founded in 2017 by a team with knowledge from the oil and gas sector to tackle this problem. 

Current lithium production is dominated by mining operations in Australia and brines in Chile.  Mining is generally expensive and environmentally intensive, brines are accessed by low footprint wells and pumps, much like oil and gas, however they require land intensive evaporation ponds which take up to 2 years to evaporate the water and isolate lithium from solution.   These methods are only economic on the highest concentration "conventional" resources.


Brine plays have the potential to supply sustainable lithium to battery manufacturers, and there are abundant brine resources in Chile, Argentina, North America and globally.  New technology  is required to rapidly isolate lithium without the use of evaporation ponds.  As well,  if new technology is economic to deploy on lower concentration "unconventional" lithium brines it will increase the security and efficiency of the lithium supply chain.

We see a lot of parallels between lithium and the oil and gas sector.  The oil and gas market was dominated by conventional resources until we in North America created new technology to unlock unconventional resources driving up supply and securing our own energy future.   We have over 60 years of experience using new technology to unlock abundant but difficult unconventional oil and gas resources and now we plan to do the same for lithium.

Laura Mislan

BEng, PEng


Founding Member

Haafiz Hasham



Founding Member

Treasurer of the board, ensuring accurate financial reporting, and transparent operations.  Laura has a background in engineering, business strategy and technology development.

Edward T. (Ned) Beattie

MSc, PGeo



Ned Beattie is the Founder and Chairman of LiEP Energy.  Ned has over 40 years experience in oil and gas and created over 1 billion dollars in value at his last venture.

Accountable to the Board for LiEP Energy's operations and strategic direction of the company. Oversees the development and implementation of LiEP's lithium technology solutions.



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