Our Innovative Technology

LiEP Energy's process is a conversion facility for the production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide from multicomponent concentrate streams, without the need for membranes. Our closed loop water recovery system will recycle all water from spray drying such that the only water lost is in the product. 


LiEP Energy has performed feasibility testing with synthetic and natural brines and concentrates representative of North American and South American producers.

What We Do

By applying an electromotive driving force, our proprietary materials selectively pull lithium ions out of concentrated solutions. The system is then flushed, and the lithium is pushed back into deionized water. Our system is more selective and consumes less energy than the current available membrane technology. Using a combination that involves experimental validation and molecular simulation, LiEP has developed a cost-effective method that eliminates the need of having to remove common contaminants such as hardness, bromine and boron. 

How LiEP is Different


  • We consume less electricity than the current industry standard.

  • Our technology is flexible to many input compositions and contaminants.

  • Our technology operates at room temperature.



Membrane Electrolysis

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